Do you want to buy a house? Or do you want to take a closer look at your current mortgage, for example because your fixed-interest period is coming to an end? Confinced gives you expert advice straight away, tailored to your current and future situation.

When you need a mortgage, you make decisions in a relatively short period of time, committing yourself for years to come. That makes expert advice indispensable. In a personal meeting, we will provide you with a complete and clear overview of what best suits your financial situation. Together with you, we will look for the right balance between certainty and risk.

A new home?

Good, responsible financing is an absolute requirement when purchasing a house. When looking for the right mortgage, we give you answers to the questions such as the following:

  • How much can you or do you want to borrow? We calculate the maximum mortgage for you.
  • Which mortgage type is best for you? An investment mortgage, a savings mortgage, a mix of both, an interest-only mortgage, an annuity mortgage or a linear mortgage?
  • Do you want a variable interest rate or a fixed interest rate? And if so: fixed for how long?
  • Do you want to pay off the mortgage or not?

In short, many questions that we will answer together.

Another mortgage?

Is your fixed-interest period of your mortgage expiring? Do you want to renovate your house? Or do you want to have a thorough orientation into cheaper mortgages? We list the options and, of course, also map out the costs. That is what you can expect from our mortgage advisor.

We operate nationwide, so give us a call and we can make an appointment. You can travel to our office at Zwolle or we can come to your home.

Independent and expert

We work independently and can therefore look for the best conditions at the lowest costs without any impediments.

We look beyond just the mortgage, so we also take stock of your personal situation, future plans and wishes. We use professional planning software to make a clear forecast of your financial situation, now and in the long term. So no nasty financial surprises afterwards!

Jan Pieter Kuhlmann of Confinced is a mortgage expert and member of the Dutch Association of Mortgage Planners. And Jan Wienen is an expert in mortgages and non-life insurance.